Using Shadow-Tracker is easy!

The tracker system is installed in your vehicle. This device, contains a GPS internal antenna and a GSM antenna that is in continuous transmition with the server through the SIM card installed. 

The tracker sends real-time information about whats happening in our vehicle. This information is processed in the server, and is sent to the customer through the mobile application or website. 


The device send information about vehicle position and state(engine on, engine off, vehicle moving, etc.) every 10 seconds or 300 m.

If an alarm is activated or an action is sent, the reception is instantaneous.

If we lost the GSM signal, the device can storage more than 50000 points. When we recover the signal, that information is sent to the server and we will be able to access to it through the mobile app or the website.

In the case of losing the GPS signal, the device will have the last position and hour where the signal was lost.

If the device remains 10 min without any activity, it will enter in sleep mode, sending information about its state every 5 minutes. That avoid the battery discharge. If while is in sleep mode, the vehicle turns on the engine, move or activates an alarm the mode becomes normal.

The internal battery has up to 48 hours of autonomy without any external connection. While the device is in sleep mode, the autonomy of the ST500 is more than 48 hours. 

Our servers guarantee 99.9% of online connectivity and maximum confidence in data security.